Ruby Crystal


4cm Ruby Crystal weighing 78gm, from Vatomandry, Madagascar

Size; 4cm x 1.1cm Weight 78gm

Ref No 2031



4cm Ruby Crystal weighing 78gm from Madagascar

This is a large Ruby Crystal that measures 4cm across and an excellent example of this iconic stone. It is high grade Madagascan Ruby Crystal and comes from the area around Vatomandry. This is in the in the south east of the Madagascar, a country that is the source of a wide variety of crystals. This particular area is an important location for Rubies, producing some of the worlds finest large crystals.

Ruby is a precious stone, one of the hardest known to man, with only diamonds being harder. It is a variety of the mineral corundum. The wonderful red colouring of Rubies is the result of chromium elements. The actual name ‘Ruby’ derives from the latin word ruber which means red. Rubies were often worn as a charm or amulet to warn of impending danger, and were said to ward off the plague.

Metaphysically, Ruby is a wonderfully energising stone, the birthstone for July. A stone that helps to improve motivation and enthusiasm and also a renewed passion for life. This is a stone to help concentration and tighten awareness and also sharpen the mind.

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