Aventurine Tortoise Carving


Large Tortoise Carving in Aventurine  a work of art, 12cm long 

Size; 12cm x 8cm x 6cm tall

Weight; 473gm.        Ref No 3518



Large Aventurine Tortoise Carving, a work of art, 12cm long and weighing 473gm

This large Aventurine Tortoise carving is a work of art and a complete one off. It is without doubt a unique carving with superb detail.  This incredible carving is 12cm from nose to tail and weighs just under half a kilo.

Aventurine is a hard stone, and one of the many forms of quartz. This stone gets the beautiful green colouring from the presence of the mineral ‘fuchsite’, a form of mica. Although green is the commonest colour, aventurine can also be orange, yellow or blue. The actual name Aventurine comes from the Italian word ‘ventura’ which translates to ‘by chance’. Aventurine has been used in jewellery and carvings for a considerable time. This is a stone that comes from a number of countries, but the majority of high quality green stone is from India.

Metaphysically, Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and good luck . In fact it is the luckiest of all the crystals, in particular regarding prosperity and wealth. Also this is a stone that promotes compassion and empathy. It is a calming stone that can also stimulate perception and creativity. This is a stone that can promote a feeling of well being.

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