Meteorite Pendant Campo del Cielo


Meteorite Pendant, Campo del Cielo, Argentina

Size, 2.4cm (top to bottom) 1.8cm across,  Weight 5.82 gm.  Ref No. 3215

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Meteorite Pendant, Campo del Cielo, Argentina

If you want something really, different how about a Meteorite Pendant. This pendant is made from the famous Campo del Cielo meteorite, from Argentina. There is a single loop in the top of this small pendant, ideal for a small chain or leather thong.

The Campo del Cielo meteorite, is an iconic, and well documented meteorite. It struck Chaco Province, Northern Argentina between 4000 and 6000 years ago. It was from the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars. Early Spanish explorers first heard of its existence in 1576 from the Native Indians. The Indigenous Indians thought that it had fallen from Heaven, hence the name ‘Campo del Cielo’. When it fell to earth it broke up resulting in a series of craters in the southwestern part of the strewn field. These meteorites are highly sought after, this would make a fascinating addition to anyones collection.

The three principle groups of meteorites are the Iron Meteorites, Chondrites, and the Achondrites.

Iron Meteorites represent only 5% of all meteorites. These consist of iron-nickel alloys, including Kamacite and taenite. Rarer still are the stony-iron meteorites, these consist of iron-nickel metal and silicate minerals. These however make up only 1% of all meteorites found.

Chondrite Meteorites get their name from chondrules, these are the small round particles of silicate material  inside. They do contain iron but a smaller quantity compared to other meteorites.

Achondrites differ from chondrite meteorites because they don’t contain chondrules. These meteorites are igneous, so at some time they have melted into magma.

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