Small Citrine Crystal Tip


Location, Madagascar

Size, 3.5cm x 1.8cm x 1.6cm

Weight 19gm       Ref No 4034




Small Citrine Crystal Tip alternative birthstone for November

This small Citrine crystal tip is a lovely example of this gorgeous stone. It has been hand-cut and polished, with the beautiful, subtle colours of chardonnay wine.

Citrine is a beautiful clear form of of the mineral Quartz. Colours range from pale yellow to golden yellow, and orange, verging on brown. The name ‘Citrine’ derives from the French word citron, which means lemon. This is another of those semi-precious stones, that has been used for thousands of years. It is an alternative birthstone for November. It is a stone sometimes confused with Topaz, the other November Birthstone. Most Citrine these days comes from Brazil, but there are also mines in Africa, the USA and Madagascar.

Metaphysically, A stone long associated with the warmth of the sun. A stone that attracts love and happiness. It is also a stone that can revitalise the mind, and energise the body. This is a crystal with the ability to cleanse the chakras, and is itself self cleansing. It is a stone of abundance and good fortune. Additionally it is also a crystal that can release negative traits, phobias, and fears.

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