Moss Agate Polished Stone


Moss Agate Polished Stone

Location; India

Size; 6.4cm x 4.4cm  Weight; 85gm.   Ref No. 2033



Moss Agate Polished Stone

This polished stone has been carved from Indian Moss Agate, which is also known as Tree Agate. It is beautifully smooth and very tactile to hold being the perfect shape and size to fit the hand.

Moss Agate is a stone with superb patterns with the appearance of moss or plant remains. The moss like patterns are in fact dendritic mineral inclusions of chalcedony and oxidised iron hornblende. This is a mineral that comes from a variety of countries, including Australia, the USA and also India.

Agates are commonly found in nodules within volcanic rocks. The principal components of the different varieties  of agate are quartz and chalcedony. These colourful varieties seen in jewellery include, Moss Agate, Blue Lace Agate and also Green Agate.

Metaphysically, a stone of wealth, this is a stone that attracts abundance. This is a stone that promotes self expression and communication. One that encourages hope and trust in those around us. Healers find Moss Agate a useful stone for balancing emotions, and also to release fear and stress. It also a stone healers use to boost the immune system, lower fevers, and treat infections.

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