Blue Lace Agate Pendant


Oval Blue Lace Agate Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size, including clasp/bail 4cm x 2cm.

Weight 10.88gm.         Ref No 2526



Oval Blue Lace Agate Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

This sterling silver oval Blue Lace Agate pendant is gorgeous,  this is a superb and captivating stone. The delicate blue colours are broken up by stunning wavy ripples of grey and white.

Blue Lace Agate is normally found in nodules inside cavities in volcanic rocks. The patterns are due to silica rich fluid from volcanic material building up layers within the cavities. Its use in hard-stone carvings and jewellery goes back thousands of years. The majority of Blue Lace Agate comes from Africa, but good quality stone  is now becoming difficult to obtain. Like other forms of agate, Blue Lace Agate is a combination of Chalcedony and Quartz.

Metaphysically, it is a calming stone with a peaceful energy. This is also a powerful healing crystal, one that can also help promote a good nights sleep. It is a protective stone that can help to build self confidence, and also assists good communication.

We supply this pendant in an attractive gift box. The pendant in the photograph here is the one we supply to you. Also don’t forget to look at our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains, available in various lengths, and weights.

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