Baryte on Pyrite

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Baryte on Pyrite matrix 6cm from Morocco

Size 6cm x 4cm x 5cm high

Weight 150gm.  Ref No 2037



Baryte on Pyrite matrix 6cm from Morocco

A beautiful example with large white translucent Baryte Crystals, with well defined faces and edges. The Baryte crystals sit on a solid Pyrite matrix. This Baryte group specimen has a wonderful druzy crystal structure with the largest crystal measuring 3.6cm across.

Baryte which is also spelt Barite is a mineral that consists of barium sulphate. Other sulphate minerals include Celestine and also Anglesite. It can be various colours but is generally clear/colourless or white. Other colours are blue, orange, brown and also yellow. The actual name ‘Baryte’ comes from the Greek word barus which means heavy. Baryte frequently occurs in limestone within hematite ore and lead-zinc veins. Additionally it is also a mineral that occurs in meteorites. It occurs in a number of different locations including Australia, India, Iran and also Morocco. It is however a mineral that occurs in the United Kingdom, in places such as Dartmoor in Devon, Cornwall and Perthshire in Scotland. Commercially, the oil and gas industries use the vast majority of Baryte. Other industries include engineering, and electronics, where they use it in the manufacture of glass for computers and  television screens.

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