Quartz Crystal with Tourmaline


Quartz Crystal Point with Tourmaline Inclusions 

Size; 6.7cm high x 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Weight; 80gm.              Ref No. 4005



Quartz Crystal Point with Tourmaline Inclusions 

This polished crystal point has wonderful tourmaline inclusions. This is a Brazilian crystal, a country famous for its massive variety of crystals and minerals. Tourmalated Quartz is a very popular crystal for healing rooms and also meditation. Equally this gorgeous crystal would be an interesting addition to any mineral or crystal collection, with its stunning contrasting colours.

Tourmaline crystals themselves are very delicate, but here they have been protected by the quartz. The quartz has effectively surrounded the fragile crystals. The Black Tourmaline is a silicate mineral and obtains its colour from the presence of iron.

Metaphysically This is one of the most powerful conductors of energy and a superb healing crystal. This is a crystal that combines the power of Quartz and also Black Tourmaline. It is a crystal that offers protection the from negative emotions and also thoughts. It is a highly protective combination, ideal to offer protection while travelling. Quartz is a crystal that can stimulate the immune system and increase energy. This is a crystal that can encourage emotional clarity, and bring enlightenment, peace and calm. When meditating Quartz crystals can be useful for assisting concentration and they can also help to unlock hidden memories.

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