Satin Spar Heart


Satin Spar Heart 5cm across, from Morocco

Size; 5cm x 5cm x 2.8cm. Weight; 112gm

Ref No 4814



Satin Spar Heart 5cm across, from Morocco

This beautiful polished Heart has been carved from Satin Spar. This is a form of Gypsum with a silky pearl like lustre. This heart is incredibly tactile and measures 5cm across. This is a very spiritual stone, one they say that radiates the light from the moon.

Satin Spar, is a form of gypsum made up of calcium sulphate with fibrous white crystals. These crystals have fibre optic qualities which allow the light to pass through them in a certain direction. This is also a chatoyant mineral, one that can change colour depending on the direction of deflected light. Other minerals with this ability include Tiger Eye, Labradorite and moonstone. The actual name selenite comes from the latin word ‘selenites’ meaning ‘stone of the moon.

Metaphysically, it is a self cleansing stone and also clears negative energy. This is a very soothing, and calming stone that can be useful for those who suffer nightmares. It is also a stone that can help to reduce anxiety and stress. It is a stone that can offer protection, and it can be helpful when used as an aid to give up smoking.

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