Sterling Silver Celtic Cufflinks


Sterling Silver Celtic Cuff Links

Size 1.5cm x 1.5cm. Weight, 10.53gm

Ref No. 2750



Sterling Silver Celtic Cufflinks

This pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks feature one of the classic interwoven Celtic Knot designs. They have been made with a traditional three link chain plus cross bar. Each of the cufflinks also has a 925 hallmark on the back. The design is based on the traditional Celtic ‘Dara’ Knot. This gets its name from the Gaelic word ‘dair’ meaning oak tree. The roots of the oak tree are thought of in Celtic culture as providing a connection to all living things including our ancestors. These beautiful Celtic Cufflinks would be suitable for either a blouse or shirt.

The classic Celtic interlace knot evolved from designs that were first seen in Roman mosaics. These date back to the third and forth centuries. These interlace knot designs then gradually evolved into a variety of other interlace patterns and decorative art in Celtic Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe. The basic principle for the Celtic Knot is a never ending line with no specific starting or finishing point. This pattern of infinite loops replicates the infinity of life itself. These designs also signify a variety of emotions and virtues such as love, faith and friendship.

The pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks seen here in the photos with a Celtic design are the ones we send to you. We supply these Cufflinks in an attractive gift box.

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