Ammonite Bracelet


Ammonite Bracelet, cleoniceras set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size; 20.5cm overall length, Weight; 33.5gm.  Ref No  2536




Ammonite Bracelet, cleoniceras set in 925 Sterling Silver

This Ammonite Bracelet contains five gorgeous ammonites, which are set into hallmarked, 925 Sterling Silver. The total length of this handmade bracelet, is 20.5cm but can be worn at 18.5cm 19.5cm or 20.5cm, therefore fitting most wrist sizes. The Sterling Silver has also been given rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing. The three largest ammonites are beautifully smooth which also reveals the superb translucent ‘treacle brown’ interiors. The largest Ammonite measures 2.5cm across, the others between 2cm and 2.2cm across.These fossils all date back to the Cretaceous period, 120 million years ago. The actual species is the cleoniceras ammonite. These ones come from the North West Coast of Madagascar in the Mahajanga jungle.

Ammonites have been extinct for 65 million years, they are also a form of Cephalopod, a group of marine molluscs. These first appeared in the Devonian Period, over 4oo million years ago. As the ammonite grew larger it added new chambers to the shell, the ammonite living in the largest and newest chamber. The actual name Ammonite, derives from from ‘Ammon’ the Greek God. Ammonites were plankton feeders, they also had long tentacles, and they swam upright, with ten thousand different species. Ammonites became extinct 65 million years ago, however the squid and also octopus that swim in our seas now, are closely related.

We supply this beautiful Ammonite Bracelet, in an attractive gift box. The bracelet shown in the photograph, is the one we supply you.

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