Blue Chalcedony Pendant


Blue Chalcedony Pendant in a 925 Sterling Silver setting

Size, 4cm x 2.3cm Weight 12gm

Ref No 2527



Blue Chalcedony Pendant in a 925 Sterling Silver setting

This is a translucent Blue Chalcedony Pendant, set in 925 sterling silver. This is a stone with a serene, ethereal sky blue colour. Blue Chalcedony is one of the more unusual a semi-precious stones. It is a translucent stone with a hazy and waxy lustre, and it also has a very calming appearance.

Chalcedony, is a form of silica and it is a member of the quartz family.  This is from the same family of stones as Agate, Jasper and also Chrysoprase. The extremely fine grains found in Chalcedony have made it a superb stone for fine carvings. There are examples of intricate seals made from Chalcedony in the Palace of Knossos, Crete, nearly 4000 years old.

Metaphysically, Chalcedony is the creative stone, and can also absorb negative energy. This is a stone that brings a sense of peace and happiness, as well as being an important aid to communication. A stone that helps bring confidence with its calming energy.

We supply this Blue Chalcedony Pendant in an attractive gift box. The pendant in the photograph here is the one we supply to you. Also don’t forget to look at our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains. These chains are available in various lengths, and weights.

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