Green Amber Twist Pendant


Gorgeous Green Amber Twist Pendant set in Sterling Silver

Size 4cm (overall) x 1cm wide

Weight 4gm.   Ref No 2528



Green Amber Twist Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

Elegant little Green Amber Twist Pendant in a gorgeous contemporary Sterling Silver setting. This Baltic Green Amber has wonderful clarity, and has a lovely golden green colour.

Green Amber is sought after and much more uncommon than yellow Amber. Green Amber makes up only 2% of the Amber that’s occurs in the Baltic. Amber isn’t a stone, but fossilised tree resin, or sap, in the region of 50 million years old. This Amber with superb inclusions has come from Poland. This area of  Northern Europe, in the Baltic region produces the worlds finest quality material. Apart from Green Amber, there are various other colours, yellow though various shades to golden brown, also even red and blue amber. Amber isn’t cold, it has a warmness about it, and because it is fossilised tree resin or sap it is surprisingly light.

Metaphysically, Amber represents eternal youth, and is a powerful purifier. Amber can also bring positive energy and cleanse and then purify negative energy, it can also bring good luck. Amber is a powerful protector, it can clear depression and then help achieve creative self-expression.

We supply this green amber twist pendant in an attractive gift box, the pendant shown here in the photograph is the one we send you. We have a selection of Sterling Silver Chains, these are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

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