Carved Frog on Lilly pad


Carved Frog on Lilly Pad, made from Rose Quartz and Carnelian

Size; 6cms x 5.8cm x 2.6cm high
Weight; 68gm     Ref No 3510



Carved Frog on Lilly Pad, made from Rose Quartz and Carnelian

This is a is a lovely little work of art, the carved Frog on a Lilly Pad. The Frog is carved in Rose Quartz and the Water Lilly leaf itself is carved from Aventurine. A very expressive and tactile little carving, a real work of art. This would make a wonderful gift for someone special.

Rose Quartz is just one of numerous different forms of Quartz. Others include, amethyst, citrine, jasper and chalcedony. The pink colour of Rose Quartz is due to the presence of the minerals titanium, iron or manganese.

Aventurine is a hard stone, and one of the many forms of quartz. This stone gets the beautiful green colouring from the presence of the mineral ‘fuchsite’, a form of mica. Although green is the commonest colour, aventurine can also be orange, yellow or blue. The actual name Aventurine comes from the Italian word ‘ventura’ which translates to ‘by chance’. This is a stone that comes from a number of countries, but the majority of high quality green stone is from India.


Rose Quartz is associated with love & devotion. This is the most important stone for the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is the ‘love stone’ or ‘the stone of universal love’. A stone that can restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. It is a stone to relieve stress and anger, replacing them with love and hope. This is also a stone with unique feminine energy a stone of tenderness, compassion and healing. Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and good luck . In fact it is the luckiest of all the crystals, in particular regarding prosperity and wealth. Also this is a stone that promotes compassion and empathy. It is a calming stone that can also stimulate perception and creativity. This is a stone that can promote a feeling of well being.

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