Serpentine Bearded Dragon Carving


Bearded Dragon Carved in Lizardite, a form of Serpentine

Size; 12cms high x 6.5cms at widest point
Weight; 665gm.         Ref No. 3513



Bearded Dragon Carved in Lizardite, a form of Serpentine
This is a superb and unusual carving, of a Bearded Dragon. This unique carving has been hand crafted from a solid piece of Serpentine. This is an attractive green semi-precious gemstone. The carving itself is a work of art with an exceptional amount of fine detail. The carving is very tactile and the Bearded Dragon, or Pogona is peacefully sunning itself on a rock. This is a unique and also an unusual carving, one that would take pride of place in any collection.

Serpentine is an attractive green stone that often has a mottled appearance. This particular variety of serpentine is ‘lizardite’. With its mottled and scaly olive green colours it must surely be the ideal stone to carve a reptile. The actual name serpentine derives from the word ‘serpentinus‘ which means ‘serpent rock’. The serpentine subgroup of minerals are classified as polymorphous and there are twenty different varieties. These different varieties are mostly opaque but also translucent, in various shades of green. Some of these bright and translucent varieties of serpentine are also known by the name ‘New Jade’. This is because of the similarities to Jade, but it is definitely serpentine, not Jade.


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