Owl Carving


Crystal Owl Carving measuring 12cm high

Size; 12cm x 10cm, Weight; 735gms

Ref No. 3511



Crystal Owl Carving measuring 12cm high

This is a unique Crystal Owl Carving, one with superb attention to detail. Working with hard stone is very challenging, this intricate carving has been made from one solid piece of crystal. The owl itself has been exquisitely carved from a darker, contrasting section of the stone. The contrasting colours enable it stand out against the pale crystal background. If you turn the carving round to look at the reverse side you will also see the natural crystals projecting out behind. This whole superb carving measures 12cm high and is 10cm wide.

Whenever we see a good piece of sculpture we always like to add them to our online collection. Without a doubt carvings like this Owl Carving will be the antiques of tomorrow. This particular carving will make an excellent addition for anyone who collects bird carvings but especially anyone who likes Owls. As an ‘object de art’ this owl will look impressive in any collection. This is a carving that could fit in with either the contemporary home or a more eclectic one. This unique carving would make a superb gift that would undoubtedly be treasured for a lifetime.

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