Fruit Jasper Heart


Fruit Jasper Heart 8cm across and very tactile

Location; India

Size; 8cm x 7cm x 1.7cm thick

Weight; 157gm.  Ref No 4819



Fruit Jasper Heart from India, measuring 8cm across and very tactile

This gorgeous Fruit Jasper Heart measures 8cm across and is beautifully smooth and it has a very tactile feel to it. The colours are typical for this superb and very unusual form of Jasper that comes from a mine in central India, south west of Agra.

Fruit Jasper is an unusual form of chalcedony with attractive red, green, yellow, and ochre colouring. It originates from India which is the home to a number of unusual minerals, especially different forms of Jasper. In India traditionally they call this stone ‘Sabalgarh Marble’ or ‘Ujuba’. The town of Sabalgarh is in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh State. Additionally they call this stone ‘Ajoobalite’ or ‘Ajooba Jasper’, which translates to ‘one of a kind’ in Urdu.

Metaphysically, Fruit Jasper is the nurturing stone. This is a stone that brings peace, tranquility and also happiness. Jasper is used to clear electromagnetic pollution when used in the home. Fruit Jasper is a protective, grounding stone that helps one cope with changing circumstances. It is a stone that healers use for diabetes, dizziness and balancing sex drive.

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