Iolite Earrings


Iolite (Water Sapphire) Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size, 1.5cm excluding silver wires x .7cm wide

Weight, 2.3gm.  Ref No 2667



Iolite (Water Sapphire) Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

These faceted ‘marquise’ shape Iolite drop earrings are hand crafted in 925 Sterling Silver. The colour of Iolite is quite stunning. It is a majestic blue, with a distinct and subtle, purplish tinge. A colour, best described as a cross between Tanzanite and Sapphire.

Iolite is one of the more unusual, and often overlooked gemstones. Also known as ‘Water Sapphire’, it is a clear, gemstone version of the mineral called ‘Cordierite’. This is a stone that was first discovered in 1813, by a French Geologist. He found it at a place called Nijar, in Almeria Province, in Southern Spain. It is a ‘dichroic mineral, meaning it can change colour when viewed at different angles. Viking seafarers understood these properties, utilising this stone to assist navigation. Iolite is mined in various countries, these include, Australia, Sri Lanka and India.  The stone Iolite gets its name from ios the Greek name for violet.

Metaphysically, Iolite is a stone that inspires artistic creativity. It is also one that can stimulate the imagination and assist self expression. Helping to provide a visionary outlook. This is also a stone that can help to overcome discord in relationships.

We supply these Iolite Earrings in an attractive gift box. The ones photographed here, are the ones we supply to you.

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